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Peak Performance refers to just that. Performing at your optimal level, at your peak, but how can that be attained on a consistent basis? Neurofeedback is becoming increasingly popular for professional and amateur athletes all over the world. Experts have shown that staying in a state of calm neutrality can help players perform better. When the mind and body function in perfect harmony, you are more likely to find yourself in “the zone”. Often we need to quiet our minds and shut out our own critics. The ghosts of past missed shots or falls from the balance beam come back to haunt us. It is the remembered failures that can lead to self-destructive behavior. Neurofeedback can help the mind over come this pattern of doubt and failure. This technology can improve the level of attention and concentration for competition. Peak performance training using EEG biofeedback can be likened to training in a gym. With repeated exercise, just as muscles respond and gain strength, the brain similarly learns to self-regulate more and more optimally through Neurofeedback.


Every Athlete Can Benefit

The ability to reach your peak performance level is invaluable, not only for athletes, but for most people in most professions. Teachers, surgeons, performers and business leaders all need to maintain calm focus. Before you can gain control over your body, you must have control over your mind. Neurofeedback has been used for optimizing performance by athletes in world class football, basketball and hockey teams. It has been researched for golf performance enhancement and by racquet ball players. Studies at Imperial College London have shown that Neurofeedback enhances the performance of musicians and dancers. Opera singers, musicians and students have benefited from Neurofeedback training to improve their performance, creativity and memory. The military is using neurofeedback to train sharp shooters and “Top Gun” pilots. Research has shown it to improve microsurgical skills and reduce time on tasks by 26%. The members of the Italian Soccer Team, AC Milan use neurofeedback to help their players unwind and stay focused. Gold medal skiers from the Canadian Olympics reported using neurofeedback and many reports about peak performance training are coming out of the Olympics in London. While some athletes were trying to keep the secret to their “edge” to themselves, the word is out. Nearly every athlete can benefit from mental endurance training.


Neurotherapy for peak performance begins with a QEEG. Many athletes have problems with concentration or have been diagnosed with ADD; they would train different areas of their brain than someone who has problems with too much anxiety. While a certain amount of anxiety is good for competition, too much can interfere with success. Once a brain map is collected and analyzed, a protocol is set up and the training can begin. By improving the connectivity in the brain, balance and coordination are also enhanced.

Improve your focus, concentration and presence. Increase your mental sharpness and determination while maintaining a sense of inner peace despite the chaotic situations you may find yourself in.

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